Creative Creatures GmbH

Sonnenburgstraße 7/3
6020 Innsbruck

Creative Creatures GmbH
Repräsentanz Salzburg
Neualmerstraße 37
5400 Hallein

Künstleragentur - Artist Agency

Tel: +43 512 58 65 54
Fax: +43 512 58 65 54 18

VAT-No. ATU 49301009
Company No.: 194748w
Company Court: Innsbruck
Manager: Dr. Ursula Keplinger


You can contact us by phone or meet us in person for applications. You can also send us your applications with photos per e-mail in a suitable format. If you send us your unrequested applications by mail, we won’t return them, unless you attach an addressed and post-paid envelope with it.


You can send us requests for autographs with a post-paid and addressed envelope. We are happy to pass  them on to the respective actors. However,  we cannot guarantee that the respective actors will answer your request or how long it will take them.

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